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Posted on March 8th, 2020 05:00 PM

Livyu Life Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate , a pure, time tested mineral compound with dozens of uses Epsom salts are a type of pure mineral that comes from a compound consisting of sulfate and magnesium. Epsom salts have a variety of health benefits, household and garden uses and beauty uses.

The skin readily absorbs both sulfate and magnesium, according to various studies, making Epsom salts an efficient remedy for many things. When it comes to health, the magnesium in Epsom salts works to regulate more than 325 enzymes, promotes optimal nerve and muscle function, reduces inflammation and prevents hardening of the arteries.

Epsom Salt for Health and Beauty

Athlete’s Foot and Foot Odor

Athlete’s foot is itchy and can cause significant discomfort. Foot odor commonly comes along with this fungal condition, but can also occur alone. You can solve both problems at the same time by making a foot soak with this salt.

Combine one cup of Epsom salt with one gallon of water, some drops of castor oil and add this to a pan that is large enough for your feet. Soak your feet for 20 minutes each day. If you need more water, add more Epsom salt using the one cup per one-gallon ration.

Remove Splinters

If you get a splinter, use this salt to help remove it. You can use the same ratio you use for athlete’s foot and soak the area for 20 minutes. Once you remove your limb from the soak, take a pair of clean tweezers to carefully remove the splinter.

Toenail Fungus

Yellowing toenails is not attractive, and Epsom salt can help to eliminate it in mild cases. Use warm water and mix one cup of Epsom salt with one gallon of water, mix this well in a pan that fits your feet and soak for 20 minutes. You can do this three times daily to get rid of the foot fungus and then once a day as a preventative method.

Bruises and Sprains

If you have a bruise or a sprain, you can reduce the swelling and pain by soaking in an Epsom salt bath.

Fill your bathtub with lukewarm water, dissolve two cups of Epsom salts in the bath and then soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

Ease Gout Discomfort

Gout can be incredibly painful and something that few things help to alleviate. You can soak the affected foot in Epsom salts to ease pain and inflammation.

Take a pan of warm water and dissolve three teaspoons of Epsom salts into this. Place the affected foot in the pan and soak for 30 minutes once a day.

Facial Cleaner

You can add Epsom salts to your favorite facial cleanser to add more cleaning power and to exfoliate your skin.

Two to three times each week, mix your favorite cleanser with a half teaspoon of Epsom salts and gently massage this into your skin. Rinse with warm water and complete the rest of your facial routine.

Skin Mask

Epsom salts are a prime ingredient in an effective and natural face mask. Take one teaspoon of Epsom salt and mix this with one egg white, two drops of thyme oil, one teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of aloe vera.

Mix this well into a paste and then allow it to sit on your skin for 15 minutes before rinsing away. Use this two to three times per week to exfoliate your skin, dry up blemishes and sop up excess oil.

Remove Hair Oils and Hairspray

Combine one cup of lemon juice, one-half cup of apple cider vinegar, one gallon of warm water and one cup of Epsom salt.

Add all of this to a plastic bottle, shake well and allow this to sit for a full day so that everything blends together. Pour this over dry hair, let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash and condition your hair as usual.

Eliminate Blackheads

Mix your favorite cleanser with a half teaspoon of Epsom salts to create a blackhead scrub. Use a cotton ball to gently scrub your skin, using a circular motion. Once you are done, rinse this away and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Volumize the Hair

Flat hair is difficult to style, and it just looks bad, but you can add volume with Epsom salts.

Take Epsom salt and deep conditioner and combine equal parts.

Warm this up and work it through the hair from root to tip, allow it to sit for 20 minutes and then hop in the shower and rinse away the mixture.

Full Body Exfoliation

All areas of your skin need to be exfoliated at least once a week to eliminate dryness and remove dead skin cells.

Mix three tablespoons of Epsom salts with a half cup to a full cup of hair conditioner and gently scrub the bottom of your feet and body to eliminate dry, flaky skin.

Softening Hand Wash

There are times when your hands are either very dirty, very rough or both, and Epsom salts can help. Mix one teaspoon of this salt with three teaspoons of baby oil to remove dirt, exfoliate your hands and soften them. You can use this once or twice a day for soft, clean hands.

Stress-Busting Bath

Run a bath at the temperature that you prefer and add two cups of Epsom salts and 10 drops of your favorite relaxing essential Oil.Soak in this bath for 20 minutes to alleviate stress and relax sore, tight muscles after a long day. You can do this once a day to keep stress under control.

Cleaning Uses for Epsom Salt at Home

Clean Bathroom Tiles

It is common for mold and soap scum to build-up when cleaning your bathroom tiles, and while chemical cleaners are effective, they are not the safest option. Take liquid dish detergent and Epsom salt and mix these in equal parts. Simply use a scrubbing sponge to clean your tiles once a week.

 Clean Washing Machine

Washing machines, especially front loaders, are prone to detergent buildup and this can transfer to your clothes when you put a load in.

Take one cup of Epsom salt and put it in your machine, fill it with hot water and then use the agitate and soak cycle to clean your machine.

Epsom Salt for Plants and in the Garden

Slug Prevention

Slugs can enter your home, and no one wants them slithering around. Head to your doorways and spread Epsom salt along the threshold to act as a natural slug repellent for your home. You should also pay attention to any cracks in your foundation and place this salt in these areas too.

Holiday Decorating

Kids can use Epsom salts as snow when creating holiday crafts because it sticks well with children’s glue sticks.

You can also frost your windows by mixing one cup of Epsom salts, one and a half cups of boiling water and three tablespoons of liquid dish soap. Mix this well and add it to your windows with a sponge.

Epsom salt for mosquito bites — Epsom salt can ease the symptoms of mosquito bites. Make a compress by soaking a washcloth in cold water that has been mixed with Epsom salt (2 tablespoons per cup of water), then gently apply to the bite area. This is yet another one of my favorite Epsom salt uses.

Weed Control

Keeping weeds under control saves you a lot of time when it comes to maintaining your garden. For killing weed mix vinegar and Epsom salt and put the solution in a spray bottle. Simply spray the areas that are prone to weeds to keep them from growing and for an effective natural dandelion killer.

An Epsom salt based homemade weed killer is safe to use around all plants and people, too. As a bonus, it is inexpensive and effective. Keep a batch handy to spritz those nasty weeds whenever you encounter them.

Plant Fertilizer

All plants love food, and it keeps them healthy and happy. Sulfur and magnesium are important nutrients that many plants, including perennial ornamental grasses need. Both of these nutrients are found in Epsom salts.

Epsom salt also enhances the effects of plant foods so you can mix them. This is why Epsom salt works especially well with tomatoes and peppers.

Add this salt to your soil and continue to sprinkle it in every time you add plant food.

Green Grass

Grass needs the nutrients in Epsom salts to grow and maintain a bright green color.

Take a gallon of water and mix in two tablespoons of Epsom salts to create a grass fertilizer. Once a week, spray this onto your lawn to keep it green and healthy.


Pests can destroy your lawn and plants so you want to do what you can to keep them at bay. There is no need to use expensive and chemical-filled commercial products when Epsom salt does the same job. Sprinkle this salt in areas where you want to eliminate insects and refresh it once a week to ensure it keeps working.

Soil Prep

Before planting flowers or produce, you need to get your soil ready to ensure optimal growth. For every 100 feet of planting space, add one cup of Epsom salts and a fertilizer spreader to prep your soil for planting and growing.

Grow Better Roses

The sulfur and magnesium in Epsom salts are two nutrients that roses need to grow and thrive. Take a half cup of this salt and sprinkle it on the soil around your roses to prevent pests and give them what they need for vibrant blooms and optimal growth.

When you use Epsom salts for health and beauty purposes, make sure that you follow the recommendations exactly when it comes to the right amount.

Using too little may render the treatment ineffective and too much could have adverse effects, If you are in doubt about the proper amount, talk to your doctor to ensure you are using the right dose, When it comes to home and garden uses, the amount is variable, but stick to the prescribed amount to ensure it works as it is intended.

This will save you time, and it also helps your Epsom salts to last longer, so you get more for your money.

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